Operator Support Services

Publicity Services

As a bus and coach operator ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to find external providers of websites and printed publicity who understand how to present bus service information clearly and accurately.

Our websites are offered either as a standalone one-off service (using any webspace you may already have), or a managed service where will we maintain and update the site to your requirements. The managed service is simple - just email or phone us and we'll update your site. Call or email us with your requirements (and don't be scared if you're not technically literate - we'll help you through it step by step) and we can put together a quote for you.

Printed Publicity
Our in-house design team can provide anything from a single sided leaflet to a full timetable book. We can produce innovative leaflets with departure lists instead of full timetables, or publicity tailored to a specific area to promote a network or service. We can also produce schematic or geographic maps of your network, bus stop guides and on-bus notices. All our printed publicity is produced to a consistent standard, so your passengers will recognise the design and layout.

Roadside Publicity
Some local authorities now require operators to produce their own timetable displays for bus stops. Citistar can produce these displays to any requirements you may have, from a simple insert to full colour laminated boards. All our displays for roadside are laser printed to ensure they won't fade within a couple of months. We can either deliver the displays to you, or offer a complete service and fit them in to the roadside display cases. If you have taken on a new contract, we can provide a full survey of the bus stops to be served along the route, then produce and distribute the information. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor a service to your needs.

Quality Control and Paperwork

It can be difficult to subjectively review your bus services and a fresh pair of eyes can help to ensure you a delivering a consistently high quality service, to meet the expectations of the traffic commissioner, your local authority and your customers.

Monitoring & Reporting
The first stage of any quality control exercise is monitoring. We can provide any aspect of this, such as a simple list of actual arrivals and departures against an expected list or undercover on-bus surveys assessing every aspect of your service. Data can then be reported back as a list of statistics or accompanied by a written report.

Registration Services
Citistar can prepare forms and maps for registration of or changes to local bus services. See the Sample Files for an example.

Bus Service Operator's Grant
We can perform the numbercrunching for your BSOG estimate and provide you with data to assist in completing your return.

We can also review other aspects of your operation, such as vehicle utilisation, network coverage or current publicity coverage and quality. Such reviews will be tailored to your requirements.

On Bus Technical Services

Citistar offers a range of services to ensure you get the best from your destination displays and ticket machines.

Mobitec Systems
We offer a full programming service for current Mobitec destination display systems. These will generally be those fitted with the ICU400 / ICU402 controller unit in the cab. Fast turnaround available, onsite requirements may be required to upload the data to the controller. Laminated cab lists can also be produced. Let us know your requirements.

Hannover Systems
We also offer a service for Hannover destination display systems using the "DERIC" or "DERIC+" controller. An onsite visit will be required in order to upload the data to the controller. Laminated cab lists can also be produced. Let us know your requirements.

Ticket Machines
We can offer support and programming services for Wayfarer Saver, Wayfarer III and Ticketer systems. Please contact us for more details.